Membership Directory – By County/State Agency/Honorary Members






New York State Park Police

Shawn Clark
Radio Engineer
315-498-9027 (Office)
315-498-9219 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


New York State Police

Kathleen M. Hafele
Technical Lieutenant
518-457-9602 (Office)
518-457-5676 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Gerald Engstrom
911 Coordinator
518-485-8921 (Office)
518-457-5676 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


New York State Thruway

John Mecca
518-436-2813 (Office) (E-mail)


Albany County

Ralph Mariani
Albany County Sheriff’s Department
518-655-7897 (Office) (E-mail)


Allegany County

Shawn Grusendorf
911 Coordinator
585-268-9792 (Office)
585-268-9715 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Matthew Evans
911 Technician
585-268-7588 (Office)
585-268-9715 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Randy Swarthout
911 Head Dispatcher
585-808-4541 (Office)
585-268-9600 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Broome County

Michael Ballard
Communications Supervisor
607-778-2307 (Office)
607-778-1150 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Neal J. Haight
Training Coordinator
607-778-3044 (Office)
607-778-1150 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Cattaraugus County

Eric Butler
Captain (E-mail)


Cayuga County

Denise Stayton
315-253-1191 (Office)
315-253-1192 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Chautauqua County

Charles J. Holder
716-753-4096 (Office)
716-753-9574 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Matthew Trusso
Communications Systems Coordinator
716-753-4615 (Office)
716-753-9525 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Trevor Butts
716-753-4808 (Office) (E-mail)


Chemung County

Mark Cicora
Director – Operations
607-737-2096 (Office)
607-737-2098 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Chenango County

A. Wesley Jones
Chief Dispatcher
607-337-1957 (Office)
607-337-1865 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Clinton County

Eric Day
Clinton County OES
518-565-4792 (Office) (E-mail)

Kelly Donoghue
Assistant Director
518-565-4791 (Office)
518-566-1202 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Columbia County

Robert Lopez
518-697-0198 (Office) (E-mail)


Cortland County

David Tanner
607-753-3311 (Office)
607-753-7815 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Delaware County



Dutchess County


Dana Smith
Emergency Response Coordinator
845-486-2488 (Office)
845-486-3998 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Christopher Bodin
City of Poughkeepsie
845-451-4000 (Office) (E-mail)

Patricia L. Mensler
Training Supervisor
845-486-6572 (Office)
845-486-3998 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Erie County

Lisa Sears
Deputy Director
716-858-6227 (Office)
716-858-3906 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Essex County

Don Jaquish
518-873-3963 (Office) (E-mail)

Michael Blaise
Deputy Director/911 Coordinator
518-873-3900 (Office) (E-mail)

John Devlin
518-873-3900 (Office) (E-mail)


Franklin County

Ricky Provost
518-483-2580 (Office) (E-mail)

John Bashaw
Deputy Director
518-483-2580 (Office) (E-mail)

Brian Langdon
Communications Coordinator
518-483-2580 (Office) (E-mail)

Jamie Gratton
Communications Specialist (E-mail)


Fulton County

Steven J. Santa Maria
Civil Defense Director/Fire Coordinator
518-736-5858 (Office)
518-762-4938 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Genesee County

Steven Sharpe
585-345-3000 Ext. 3400 (Office)
585-343-9129 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Greene County

John Farrell Jr. (E-mail)

Randy Ormerod
Deputy Director
518-622-3344 (Office) (E-mail)


Hamilton County


Herkimer County

Matt Palumbo
315-867-1212 (Office) (E-mail)

Kelly Wares
Communications Supervisor
315-867-5719 (Office)
315-867-5873 (Fax) (E-mail)

Jefferson County

Joseph Plummer
315-786-2654 (Office) (E-mail)

Fred Lampman
Deputy Director (E-mail)

Gail Sovie
Senior Dispatcher
315-786-2652 (Office) (E-mail)


Lewis County

Michael Cappinelli
Sheriff (E-mail)

James Monnat
Sergeant (E-mail)

Cheryl A. LaLonde
Dispatch Supervisor (E-mail)


Livingston County

William T. Mann
Director of Communications
585-243-7145 (Office) (E-mail)


Madison County

Paul Hartnett
Director of 911
315-366-2757 (Office)
315-366-2593 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Mellissa Hannan
Assistant 911 Director
315-366-2593 (Office)


Monroe County

John M. Merklinger
585-528-2207 (Office)
585-528-2265 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Tina Carson
Vice President of NENA
585-279-1144 (Office) (E-mail)

D. Jeremy DeMar
911/Communications Response Team Supervisor
585-528-2234 (Office) (E-mail)


Montgomery County

Twila Dopp
911 Coordinator
518-853-4096 (Office) (E-mail)


Nassau County

Neal O’Mara
Deputy Commanding Officer
516-573-7063 (Office) (E-mail)

Robert Thomas
Communications Equipment Supervisor
516-573-7248 (Office)
516-573-7977 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


New York City




Robert C. DeMarr
Fire Alarm Dispatcher
Fire Department – City of New York
Bronx Operations
347-992-4259 (Office) (E-mail)




New York

Christopher B. Carver
Deputy Director – Fire Dispatch Operations
Fire Department – City of New York
347-250-6246 (Office) (E-mail)




Niagara County

Todd Ostrowski
Captain (E-mail)

Marc Kasprzak
Senior Dispatcher
716-438-3393 (Office)
716-438-3302 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Matt Swierczek
Senior Dispatcher (E-mail)


Oneida County

Gerald Pedersen
Deputy Director of Emergency Services
315-765-2522 (Office)
315-765-2529 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Ed Pavlot
IT Support
315-765-2520 (Office)
315-765-2529 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Onondaga County

William Bleyle
315-435-7911 (Office) (E-mail)

Carl Loerzel, Jr.
Deputy Commissioner
315-435-7911 (Office) (E-mail)

Christopher R. Strong ENP
Public Safety Shift Supervisor
(315) 435-8690 (Office) (E-mail)


Ontario County

Steve DeChick
911 Director
585-396-4658 (Office) (E-mail)

Jeffrey Edwards
Senior Communications Officer
585-394-4560 (Office)
585-394-3245 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Brian Maney
Senior Communications Officer (E-mail)

Kara Miller
Senior Communications Officer
585-394-4560 (Office)
585-394-3245 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Orange County

Allen Wierzbicki
Deputy Commissioner
845-615-0444 (Office) (E-mail)


Orleans County

Allen Turner
Communications Coordinator
585-590-4171 (Office)
585-589-6761 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Oswego County

Kevin Pooley
315-349-8215 (Office) (E-mail)

Paul Vandyke
Operations Coordinator
315-349-8229 (Office)
315-349-8500 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Otsego County


Putnam County

Cindy Jacobsen
845-808-4000 Ext. 41306 (Office) (E-mail)


Rensselaer County

Kelly J. Paslow
Director of Public Safety
518-266-7676 (Office)
518-270-4164 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Mark J. Balistreri
Deputy Director of Public Safety
518-266-7675 (Office)
518-281-6788 (Cell)
518-270-4164 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Rockland County

Adam Feuer
Chief of Communications
845-364-8911 (Office)
845-364-8521 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Richard Cummings
Dispatch Supervisor
Clarkstown PD
845-639-5872 (Office)
845-639-5983 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Saratoga County

Carl Zeilman
Director of Emergency Services
518-885-2232 (Office)
518-884-4704 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Steven G. Gordon
Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department
518-885-6761 (Office)
518-885-2454 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Schenectady County

Kyle Rudolphsen
Deputy Director
Office of Emergency Management
518-370-3113 Ext. 5 (Office)
518-370-3115 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Schoharie County

Amy Wayman
518-295-8114 (Office) (E-mail)


Schuyler County

Bill Kennedy
607-535-8200 (Office)
607-535-8201 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Seneca County

Melissa Taylor
315-539-9241 (Office) (E-mail)

Brandi J. Godley
911 Supervisor (E-mail)

Steve Henninger
911 Supervisor
315-539-9241 (Office) (E-mail)

Amy Koopman
911 Supervisor
315-539-9241 (Office) (E-mail)

James R. Leonard III
911 Supervisor
315-539-9241 (Office) (E-mail)

Michele Leonard
911 Supervisor
315-539-9241 (Office) (E-mail)

Bryan McCann
911 Supervisor
315-539-9241 (Office) (E-mail)


St. Lawrence County

James Chestnut
Supervisor of Dispatch Operations
315-379-2240 (Office) (E-mail)


Steuben County

Dave Hopkins
607-664-2991 (Office)
607-776-2106 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Tina Goodwin
Deputy Director
607-664-2991 (Office)
607-776-2106 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Suffolk County

Matthew Jones
E-911 Coordinator
631-852-6536 (Office)
631-852-6633 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Brian LaMonica
Public Safety Dispatcher, APCO Atlantic Chapter First Vice President
631-283-0056 Ext. 116 (Office)
631-283-3304 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Sullivan County

Alex Rau
E-911 Coordinator
845-807-0134 (Office)
845-583-5158 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Tioga County


Tompkins County

Lee Shurtleff
607-257-3888 (Office)
607-266-8035 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Christina L. Dravis
Communications Center Manager
607-257-3888 (Office)
607-266-8035 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Ulster County

Steven J. Peterson
Ulster County Emergency Communications
845-331-7000 (Office) (E-mail)

John Hayes
Emergency Management/Narrowband Coordinator (E-mail)

Michael T. Davis
Emergency Services Dispatcher II
Ulster County 911 Emergency Communications
845-338-1440 (Office) (E-mail)


Warren County

Brian LaFlure
Director/Fire Coordinator
Office of Emergency Services
518-761-6537 (Office)
518-761-6402 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

J. Scott Combs
Deputy Fire Coordinator
Office of Emergency Services
518-743-2501 (Office)
518-761-6402 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Lawrence Jeffords
Communications Supervisor
518-743-2500 (Office)
518-743-2509 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Washington County

Glen P. Gosnell
518-747-7520 (Office) (E-mail)

Timothy R. Hardy
Deputy Director of Communications
518-746-2378 (Office) (E-mail)

Jonathan R. Pease
Deputy Director of Emergency Management
518-746-2148 (Office)
518-747-2157 (Facsimile) (E-mail)

Donald J. Stevens
518-746-2245 (Office) (E-mail)

Clifton J. Witham
518-746-2245 (Office) (E-mail)

David J.T. Chambers
518-746-2245 (Office) (E-mail)

Ashlee J. Zinn
518-746-2245 (Office) (E-mail)


Wayne County

George Bastedo
Director of Disaster Preparedness
315-946-5664 (Office) (E-mail)

Greg DeWolf
911 Operations Manager
315-946-5711 (Office) (E-mail)

James Lee
ALS Director/911 Project Manager
315-946-5712 (Office)
315-946-5661 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Westchester County


Wyoming County

Anthony Santoro
585-786-8867 (Office)
585-786-8865 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Yates County

Sandra Smith
Chief Dispatcher
315-536-4438 (Office)
315-536-5106 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Dusty Blumbergs
Senior Emergency Services Director
315-536-4438 (Office)
315-536-5106 (Facsimile) (E-mail)


Honorary Members

David Cook
Past President
469-865-0759 (Office) (E-mail)


Lori DeBois
Past Secretary
315-730-6745 (Cell) (E-mail)

Michael Tersmette
951-473-7115 (Cell) (E-mail)

Steve J. Wisely
Past President (E-mail)

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