Cutomer Service Satisfaction Survey

Random Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Returns

In order for a TQA Program to be truly effective, mechanisms must be in place to address components like this one. All customer service survey returns will be reviewed by the E-911 Director and Training Coordinator. Positive input shall be scrutinized in order to determine if the data meets the established criteria for one of the categories of our Formal Employee Recognition Process.

Whenever input indicates the perception of a deficiency, the E-911 Director and Training Coordinator will thoroughly review the incident to determine whether the perception is factual. If a deficiency is found, the Senior Public Safety Telecommunicator who supervises the employee(s) involved shall be charged with employing the various mechanisms intended to address these scenarios, including feedback, coaching and counseling, remedial training, and discipline shall be employed.

Unsolicited recognition from our customers is rare. In an effort to maximize our employee’s exposure to our customer’s perception of the E-911 Emergency Communications Department, narratives from all customer service survey returns shall be posted in the ECC on a quarterly basis. PST’s are encouraged to review these narratives, paying particular attention to narratives resulting from incidents they may have processed.